I randomly remembered a 2600 Magazine cover from 1997 and decided to make a thing about it.

give me the goods

Here are all of 2600’s covers


I was riding the escalator on the Lexington Avenue–53rd Street station and noticed two LED signs that were not functioning.

The signs looked familiar - were those the signs from that 2600 magazine cover from many many years ago?

2600 magazine has an online cover gallery but it’s hard to use. I downloaded (wget -i 0.urls.txt) the covers - and then noticed that the filenames were haphazardly named (“su131.gif”, “B004GB1WF6.01._SX275_SCLZZZZZZZ_V323076596_.jpg”, etc.)

So I wrote a throwaway script to unmangle/rename files.

And yeah – here’s my picture of the signs and the cover I was thinking of. Yay! Success. I’m happy.

Also, here are all of the covers in .zip format.

Oh and I also learned that it’s the same station that was ‘featured’ in Improv Everywhere’s “High Five Escalator” (I learned this here). See this screengrab.


this repo will go out of date as soon as 2600 magazine publishes another issue. yolo.


this was done as part of residency at Recurse Center